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Customer Service

"A customer defines good customer service as how he/she perceives that an organization has delighted him/her by exceeding to meet his/her needs."

“The most important thing I learned about customer service was from my grandmother. She taught me never to speak with her about a specific product or investment without talking to her about her individual needs and goals first.” Paul F. McCarthy, III, about what he learned from his grandmother early in his retirement management career.

We are committed to providing you with the best customer service in the industry! Our customer service is all about providing our clients with the financial services and products that meet their individual needs, making sure our clients understand what they own, and making sure they meet the needs of the client over their lifetime.

Every time you walk into our office or call our office we demonstrate our commitment to customer service. That’s why, during business hours, you will always speak with a knowledgeable staff member and never an answering service or answering machine! Our Account Managers are skilled customer service professionals who are extremely knowledgeable about all of our clients, products, and services. They will make sure you get answers to your questions in a timely manner.

We meet with our clients at least annually (and usually much more often) to review annuities, market investments, and other financial concerns and questions. During regularly scheduled meetings, we cover the following:

  • The client’s current situation and anything that has changed since our last meeting
  • How the annuities work and how they make money (we make sure our clients understand their statement, the calculation methods, and the options available for reallocating funds). We show our clients how to calculate their annuity return!
  • The options available for withdrawing penalty-free funds or starting retirement income
  • The most desirable places to withdraw funds (to minimize taxes and capital gains) and the least desirable places to withdraw funds
  • How and when to withdraw required minimum distribution money for clients with IRA accounts who are over 70-1/2
  • Helping them identify their long-term income needs
  • Information on new products and services that may be of interest
  • On-going financial issues

During major life changes (marriage, divorce, retirement, death, etc.), we review the client’s needs and their current investments and help them make the best choice during this period of change. These choices may be to:

  • Identify their income needs
  • Start retirement income
  • Update beneficiaries
  • Change ownership on policy or accounts
  • File a death claim on the policy