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A Personal Note from Paul McCarthy and Julie Decker

Our existing clients are our highest priority. Because of that, we only have time to bring on a few new clients each year. We meet with referrals and new potential clients based on the number of new clients we are able to bring on for the year. We interview many potential clients, but we only agree to work with the ones we feel we can help and that agree with our philosophy and want our help as well.

Paul and I got into this business over 25 years ago after watching a number of our close family members become devastated by what happened to their money and standard of living in the crash of 1988. This affected many of their close friends and clients as well. We chose to get involved and get licensed so that we could protect people in and near retirement from this ever happening to them. We vowed to always help people invest with protection (and good returns) with the money they were going to need to live on during retirement. In addition, we chose to find the best money manager available to help manage the balance of their money in a high dividend portfolio with 100% liquidity.

We have been beyond successful with this approach for many years. We also chose to find well trained, well paid staff members to help manage all of our clients. As our client base grew, we added the finest account managers available.