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Personal Affairs Organizer

Wills and Trusts Are Not Enough!

IMS Partners, Inc.Protect Your Estate!

Guard your assets from being diminished in the estate settlement process!

Make it easy for your representative/trustee to settle your estate.

Now is the time to take responsibility for end-of-life planning and organizing the records of your assets.

Each year millions of dollars of expected inheritances are lost by unnecessary and avoidable expenses associated with the traditional settling of an estate. Many losses occur because the heirs simply don’t know about all of your accounts and some go unclaimed! If you use an attorney to help settle the estate and your personal records are not well organized, your attorney could charge you up to 15% of the value of the estate for the time it takes to settle. Unnecessary attorney fees and unclaimed assets mean less of your hard-earned money going to your heirs!

All too often individuals pass away without leaving information and documents needed by family members, personal representatives, and/or trustees to satisfy their end-of-life wishes and settle the estate.


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Personal Affairs Organizer

By IMS Partners, Inc.

A Better Way

  • The Personal Affairs Organizer offers a simple, reliable, and inexpensive way to meet your estate's information requirements.
  • With the Personal Affairs Organizer, you can act now and save your family frustration, confusion, and money after your death.
  • The Personal Affairs Organizer gives you all the tools you need to gather and document your final wishes and current assets – all in one place!
  • Completing the Personal Affairs Organizer will help you identify “gaps” in your end of life planning.

The Personal Affairs Organizer is a binder with protective page covers and file pockets for important documents. The Personnel Affairs Organizer provides a place to record:

  • IMS Partners, Inc.Personal information on you and all your family members
  • Documentation on your current advisors (legal, financial, other)
  • Location of critical documents (safety deposit box, home file cabinet, etc.)
  • An inventory of your legal documents
  • An inventory of your investment vehicles, insurance policies, real estate, business interests, and other assets
  • Final arrangements
  • Survivor's checklist (Immediate action to be taken by your survivors)
  • A review of all responsibilities, duties, and liabilities for position of executor or successor trustee.
  • After your death, this organizer becomes a roadmap for your loved ones to help them transfer your assets with the least amount of cost and frustration to you and your family.