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Investment Management Services Group, LLC is a registered investment advisor, and is separate from IMS Partners, Inc. We offer portfolio management services designed to assist our clients achieve success with their financial growth. Our mission is to manage client investment portfolios with three goals in mind: 1) safety, 2) maximize income, and 3) growth. Our strategy is designed to protect your wealth, maintain your investment expectations and minimize the risk relative to your financial goals.

Our investment philosophy is safety first, income second, and growth third. We take a conservative approach to money management to minimize losses and maximize gains. Our portfolios typically hold 20-25 positions with a 25% stop loss. This strategy helps minimize losses and adds diversification to reduce the risk of the overall portfolio.

Our Income Portfolio is designed to generate high income from dividends in both up and down markets. The income generated during down markets can offset potential capital losses allowing us to “wait until the market recovers”. The secondary goal of the portfolio is growth.

Thomas W. Markosky is our Portfolio Manager. Tom has been in the financial consulting industry for over 40 years, he has been a money manager for 29 years. Tom’s primary investment focus is preserving the portfolios of clients through income investments. Secondarily, he seeks growth of the portfolio. The result is to achieve an excellent total return for clients. The objective of the portfolio is to achieve 6-8% returns annually, of which about 75-80% come from dividends. The investment vehicles used include but are not limited to dividend related stocks, closed end funds, preferred shares, REITs, MLPs, ETFs, and closed end mutual funds.

Disclaimer: Investing in a security involves a risk of loss that you should be willing and prepared to bear; past market performance is no guarantee that you will see equal or better returns on your investment in the future.

Investment Management Services Group has custodial arrangements with Shareholders Service Group, Inc. (SSG), a FINRA licensed broker-dealer. SSG offers us services which include custody of securities, trade execution, clearance and settlement of transactions. Pershing LLC is their national clearing house.

For more information on the cost of our services, how we manage your assets and our custodial arrangements, please refer to our Disclosure Brochure.

Julie Decker, Paul McCarthy III, and Tom Markosky are Investment Advisor Representatives.

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