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Partners In Growth

"The greatest compliment one can ever receive is a referral
from friends and clients”



PIG Club

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of our clients and especially those clients who have referred their friends and family to us!! We are especially honored to work with people you refer because we know there is already a bond of trust because of YOU. As we are introduced to new friends by our existing clients, we are able to spend less time on marketing and more time on what’s most important – HELPING YOU! We would love to work with anyone you care about.

We want to make your relationship with us even more special by not only recognizing what you have done (and hopefully will continue to do) but show our appreciation in some special way That’s why we are implementing our Partners In Growth Club! It’s a special club for our clients who have made at least one client referral during the last calendar year.

Someone noted that “Partners-In-Growth” can be abbreviated as P.I.G. – and since we are from Iowa, we know that PIGS get fat (and happy) and HOGS get –well, you know! You’ve heard Paul say it over and over again! So, we want to do our utmost to keep our Partners-In-Growth (P.I.G.s) financially fat and happy!!

Starting this year, we will be holding special events JUST FOR CLIENTS who have referred someone to us in the last year. These events will be “just for fun”, our treat to you, and in recognition of the referral you made. We plan to hold semi-annual events in March and October of each year. Qualified club members will receive their personal invitation to the Partners-In-Growth (P.I.G.) event.

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PIG Rules

How to Become a Member of the Partners-In-Growth (P.I.G.) Club

To become a member of the Partners-In-Growth (P.I.G.) Club:

  1. You must have made a referral during the last 12 months and that referral must have done business with us.
  2. A referral can be a friend or acquaintance over the age of 40.

To stay in the Partners-In-Growth (P.I.G) Club:

  1. You must have referred at least one client in the previous 12 months who has done business with us.

To make it easier for you to invite your friends to meet us, we will be hosting, at least quarterly, client seminars and workshops that you will want to attend with your guests.

As always, we will continue to host our original seminar, Secrets to a Successful Retirement, at various locations. Clients are always encouraged to bring a guest and attend another seminar.

Watch your e-mails and our website to learn more and to register for our quarterly events.

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PIGS Help Us Grow

Partners-In-Growth (P.I.G.) help us by referring their friends. Now, we have more time to spend with you!

As you know, we never charge a fee for our service. We help you annually on your policy anniversary. We help you with your tax questions and your legal questions by involving our accountants and attorneys and even sometimes with very personal issues. We consider you our friends. When you become our client, we service your account and your financial needs for life!

You can help us grow our business with referrals (so we can spend less time on marketing) and we can help you get more of what you want from your retirement.

Financial planning and financial management go hand in hand. It’s not just the BIG financial decisions that count; the day-to-day decisions are just as important. Our goal is to help you focus as much on the small decisions as we do on the major investment decisions.

This year, we are planning to host, at least quarterly, client seminars and workshops in our new conference center which will be educational and informative about today’s financial, legal and tax issues, new products on the market, and investment opportunities. These events will be a great opportunity for you to bring guests who would like to learn more about us and perhaps work with us in the future.

Many of our clients are single, divorced or widowed women. Some of you are taking responsibility for financial matters for the first time in your life. This will be a great opportunity for you to learn and meet other women in your situation.

Watch your e-mails and our website to learn more and to register for our quarterly events.

Guests are important! If your guest becomes a client of ours, you can become a member of our Partners-In-Growth (P.I.G.) Club!

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